If you aren't aware, Terraria is a PC, Console and Mobile game developed by Re-Logic and is the #9 best selling computer game of all time. It describes itself as a "classic action game with the freedom of sandbox-style creativity". I've been involved in the community for a while now, and as such have been involved in a number of different projects.

Terraria Beta Testing

Since 2017, I've been lucky enough to be one of a small number of people who're given access to early versions the Terraria updates by Re-Logic to help with testing. I really enjoy working with the developers and other testers to find bugs and complete our now numerous runs through the game in order to provide feedback on new features and balance changes. I've even managed to get something of myself into the game; two paintings; Uluru & Outcast and there's a chance for some of the in game town pets are named after my own real life pets. There are also some cool special lighting effects when using certain weapons with a character named 'darthmorf'. They've been very kind, and sent me all sorts of merchandise throughout the years, my favourite being a solid steel real life version of the 'Meowmere' sword.

Super Terraria World was an ambitious project aiming to build an MMORPG mod for Terraria, essentially rebuilding the networking logic for the game. It was largely successful; pretty much all the features for an MMO were implemented and while it ran there was a consistent player-base who enjoyed the mod, and enough crowd support to easily cover server and some development costs. Sadly the work to port the mod to new versions of the games ended up overtaking the time that the team had, so we were forced to move on to new projects; me and Flippi started work on Vingar, and Khaios went all in on his YouTube channel.

Terraria Logo Maker

A built a now widely used tool that allows you to write almost any text in the form of the Terraria logo. It has been used by many people across the community for creating logos for their own projects. It's written in pure HTML5 and JavaScript, making use of the HTML canvas to generate the images from premade assets. You can use the tool here, or see the source on GitHub.

Emoticon Creator

I developed a simple, web-based (pure HTML5 & JS) app that allows you to create your own emoticons, themed after the Terraria Community Forums emotes. Assets by created Jestex, inspired by a desktop app by VOT. Tool can be found here, or source on GitHub.

Terraria Community Team

For a while, I was a lead administrator and developer for the Terraria Community team - a group of volunteers that work on various projects throughout the Terraria community. Along with a large quantity of community management, my main role was as a developer for the Official Terraria Discord. This entailed developing a software suite of administration tools, minigames and general utilities for the server, with support for (and used by) hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users and multiple instances.

Community Fanart

Click Here to view the awesome selection of fanart made for me from the Terraria community!