I was a competitor in both the Vex IQ and Vex Robotics Competitions for a number of years. If you're not aware, Vex Robotics is a worldwide co-operative/competitive robotics competition for students. We competed at many regional level competitions, qualifying for the national UK Championships every year that we competed (some years we split into two and qualified a couple of teams). We also qualified for the world finals twice - at the time located in Kentucky, USA. The year that we were able to attend, we finished as the highest ranked team from Europe, which was an amazing achievement for us. We were also invited to come and demo our robot at the first ever Turkish National Championship in Istanbul, as they had visited the UK and were impressed by our design. I still regularly attend the UK finals in order to referee matches for current competitors.

Early Robot Photos

Early (unfinished) Render of CAD Model

Fully Autonomous Routine

UK 2018 National Championship

Turkish 2018 National Championship

US 2018 World Finals