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Sam Poirier ~ darthmorf

Studying Computer Science (Digital & Technology Solutions) at the University of Leeds, and am a Tech Degree Apprentice at PwC. I have a general interest interest in Game Design, Cybersecurity and Robotics.

Languages: C# ● Python ● SQl ● JavaScript ● HTML ● CSS
Frameworks: Unity ● XNA ● .net core ● Electron ● Discord.net
Tools: Git ● JIRA ● Trello
QA / Beta Tester, Re-Logic
I co-operate with a small team of testers to playtest early versions of the Terraria Beta with a high attention to detail in order to give valuable feedback on new and old content and to report bugs. We utilise a thorough, methodical system to handle testing, retesting and investigation of issues using enterprise issue tracking software and work closely with developers. I am also a moderator on the official forums, where I do light community management work.

I am currently co-developing an gothic ARPG game in Unity. Think Diablo/Path of Exile. Not much information about it is public, watch this space!
Developer and Community Manager, Super Terraria World
I am a developer for large a scale MMORPG total overhaul mod for Terraria, working directly with decompiled game source code. As part of this, I have worked with multiple projects in a complex client-server relationship with servers scaling to meet demand and a relational database to store user data, while working with a team in an agile development structure. One of the projects inludes the mod updater and launcher, written in a multiplatform framework with continuous integration. Throught this project I have gained experience working with an online community to receive feedback and bug reports on the product.

Wtf, Drink!
Working with a uni friend and TDA coworker, Will Mann, I developed a drinking games website, hosting a variety of different games like Picolo and Ring of Fire.

Warning! Some content on this site is 18+/NSFW - be careful!

Terraria Community Team
I am a lead administrator and developer for the Terraria Community team - a group of volunteers that work on various projects throughout the Terraria community. Along with a large quantity of community management, my main role is as a developer for the Official Terraria Discord. This entails developing administration tools, minigames and general utilities for the server, supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users and multiple servers.
Terraria Logo Maker
I developed a simple, web-based (pure HTML5 & js) app that allows you to create your own Terraria themed logos. Check it out below.

Emoticon Creator
I developed a simple, web-based (pure HTML5 & js) app that allows you to create your own emoticons, themed after the Terraria Community Forums emotes. Assets by Jestex, inspired by a desktop app by VOT.

Vex Robotics
I competed the Vex Robotics Competition, a global, yearly tournemant that challenges the competitors to work in teams to design, build and program competitive robots to complete a certain task. During my time competing, my team performed successfully at the regional, national and global levels, qualifying to represent the UK at the world finals in the United States, where we ranked the highest European team.

3D Printing
I am a hobbyist 3D printer, using my Ender 3 Pro. Through this I have learnt basic CAD skills through use of Fusion 360, desiging my own models to print. You can find some that may be useful to the public on my thingiverse account, and can view a livestream of what my printer is currently up to below!